May 18, 2012

School Teacher gets fired.


A Catholic school teacher is under fire after he hid a camera in a pen and recorded girls undressing inside a classroom storage closet where his students changed.
He was caught when he lost his iPad at a DeLand Walmart. A women found it and told cops it contained “nude photos of children.” Arrest reports stated that Joshua hid three pin cameras on metal shelves inside the storage closet and recorded 12 and 13 year old girls taking of their clothes. Police said he admitted to downloading the videos onto his computer and viewing them later. Parents are very upset for what happened. Some of them are saying that they went there when they were younger and they know the entire St. Peters Community. School Officials say that he underwent a backround check before his hire. Joshua Waguespack was granted $10,000 bail and ordered to have no contact with anyone under the age of 18.  

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