May 15, 2012

A Georgia college student, Aimee Copeland, is fighting a flesh-eating disease. She was canoeing in a nearby river with a group of friends. She went on a homemade zip-line ride, that broke and caused her to fall into the river. She cut her leg onto a stick and was taken to the hospital. At the hospital, she was given 22 stitches and sent home. A few nights later, she felt very sick and was rushed to the hospital. They diagnosed her with a flesh-eating bacteria, that is usually found in warm water. Sometimes this bacteria does not affect people but the  events that happened to Copeland triggered an infection. She fell into the water, cut her leg, and therefore the bacteria went in an infected her. The disease has caused her to have her leg and part of her abdomen amputated and she most likely will have her fingers taken off as well.  She is still awake and alert but, is surviving off of oxygen. She is taking medicine to relieve her stress so she doesn't remember what happened and why she is in her condition. Her family is praying for the best, telling her to stay positive and strong and to keep her spirits high. Although she is awake and alert she is still in critical condition. Her father, Andy Copeland, has been posting the stories on his blog. He is the one person trying to stay and keep everyone as calm as possible.
this is her fathers blog, reporting on Aimee's condition.

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