May 11, 2012

North Carolina approved Amendment One on Tuesday- and not just approved it, overwhelmingly approved it. The overwhelming comments on The Raleigh News and Observer’s Facebook and Twitter pages were chock full of hateful comments and harsh sayings- positive comments, if any, were scarce. Former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken, from NC who is gay, supported his state on a phone interview, saying, “I saw a lot of folks on Facebok and Twitter that were embarrassed to be from North Carolina or that people from North Carolina should be ashamed or embarrassed. And I think to myself, you know, you can be as mad as you want and think that all you want to, but you have to remember that 30 states did that before we did it and California was one of them. So you can kiss my foot if you want to talk bad about my state.” Other than Clay Aiken, not many people are aiming for the positive view about NC at this point. North Carolina’s recently expanded tourist income is going to see a negative impact. Countless negative Facebook posts were saying such things, including “No more North Carolina visits from me, until Amendment One is revoked,” and “Boycotting NC goods for now.” Hopefully, Amendment One will be revoked, and North Carolina’s booming tourist industry will be restored.


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