May 1, 2012

British man bought a low-price island 50 years ago, still lives there with 120 giant tortoises

A British man bought a low-price island in the Seychelles for only £8,000 ($13,000), 50 years ago. He still lives there, with 120 giant tortoises, a bunch of birds, and a few dogs.

The island, pictured below, was only several thousand pounds 50 years ago, but now could be worth several million, even more when converted into USD.

The man, Brendon Grimshaw, 86, still lives on the island known as Moyenne. He has since built a house, cleared brush so thick that coconuts couldn’t fall, introduced several plant and bird species to the island, and paved a few footpaths. Brendon is very out of place here, as all the surrounding islands are owned by billionaires, Arab princes, or Russian oligarchs, and many have luxurious holiday resorts. Everyday he wakes up, alone, with the sound of the waves slapping against the beach, and takes care of his 120 giant tortoises, which have been killed off in most of the other Seychelles islands.

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