April 24, 2012

Winter has ONE good thing..

 Spring is here!

Or, well, it has been here.

But I’d rather highlight on what’s great about winter.. I mean, there must have been something, right?

Oh, wait. Ice festivals!

The annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has been running since 1963, held in the chinese city of Harbin, which is close to Siberia. Where better to have an ice festival, right? This is the place where sculptors, builders and artists alike show off their stuff! There’s a river nearby called the Songhua river, where ice is taken to be used in sculptures like..

A building!

Another building!

A family of bears with a man standing on top of the butt of one of the bears!

Whatever that is!

I hate the cold, but I sure do love a good sculpture. You guys should go sometime, especially if you’re chinese in orgin- then you’re going to China anyway, so why not?

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