April 11, 2012

Strange Coca-Cola Flavors

You may have tasted the unique flavor of the carbonated drink, Coke, but did you know that Coca-Cola made a bunch of other, unorthodox, flavors you may not have ever imagined. A new flavor in Japan that may surprise you is the Green Tea flavored coke, unleashed to Japan in 2009. Pepsi also has a version called Pepsi Shiso Then, theres the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke – That’s quite a mouthful, excuse the pun. Introduced in 2006 along with Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke, the sales of the carbonated drink was not the greatest. Coca-Cola late discontinued Black Cherry Vanilla Coke because of the low sales. Now, we come to the legendary coke that may or may not be real – Diet Bacon Coke. This obsurd yet awesome flavor arose from the internet. That said, Diet Bacon Coke has a low probability of bieng real, the only chance bieng Coca-Cola test marketing this flavor.

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