April 13, 2012

JK Rowling's New Book

Perhaps you know of the revolutionary book, "Harry Potter". Who am I kidding? Everybody has at least heard about it. Thousands of people have joined the global phenomenon, knocking the books off the shelves as soon as they got to the bookstore. However, the book series ended in 2007. Harry Potter is still wildly popular, boasting JK Rowling's success on the front of every copy of the millions of books sold. So how welcomed do you think her new book will be? It strays far from the genre and theme of Harry Potter, and is not geared towards kids or teens. "The Casual Vacancy" is about a 40 year old man named Barry Fairweather who is on the parish council. He dies unexpectedly. This death leaves the small town of Pagford in shock. The seemingly peaceful town is actually one at war. Everyone is fighting everyone: "Rich are at war with the poor, teens are at war with their parents, wives are at war with their husbands, teachers are at war with their students, etc..." The whole plot is basically about the people of Pagford fighting each other, and people trying to get the empty seat that used to belong to Barry Fairweather. The book title and synopsis of the book were released in December of 2011, and is set to be released on September 27th. It sounds pretty average to me, but if anyone can turn an average idea into a top-seller, it's JK Rowling.

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