April 24, 2012

Video Game Link to Shooting

Some people have now begun to focus on how video games may have had an impact on the infamous Norway mass-shooting.  Shooter Anders Breivik claims that he used video games to train for his shooting.  He said he used the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 to train for the shooting.
To give excuses for why he was alone, he began playing the Massively Multiplayer Online game, World of Warcraft. Apparently, Breivik played up to 16 hours of video games in a single day.  
This new evidence in the case obviously brings up the long disputed topic of whether violent video games cause violent acts, despite many studies disputing this claim.  Examples of other shootings that have brought this argument up are the Columbine School Shooting of 1999 and the shooting of a Police Officer in Alabama.  The Columbine School Shooting of 1999 was linked to the game Doom.  While the shooting in Alabama was linked to game series Grand Theft Auto,  which is produced by Rockstar Games.
After this evidence was released gamers from all over the planet jumped out in the defence of video games.  One of these defences was saying that people who play Farmville don’t become farmers.  Farmville,  a game made by Zynga, is very popular on the Social Networking site Facebook.
Another gamer said, “No one would tell gun ranges to shut down if he trained there.”
A final argument is that there are millions of video game players and that there are bound to be murderers that play video games.

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