April 25, 2012

Parents Sue Apple Because of Free Games

Free games seem nice at first but once you get addicted they can cost a lot of money.  Games like Draw Something or Tap Zoo can seem like they won't cost you a dime but in-app purchases can add up.  Parents realized this and decided to sue Apple because of it.  They say that Apple is like a drug dealer that gets someone hooked on something free but then makes them pay more to continue.  One case is of a little boy who bought $2000 dollars of virtual animals for Tap Zoo.  Of course there are ways to prevent this, like requiring a password to make in-app purchases.  Also Apple doesn't make the apps, and they don't even make that much money when an app gets sold, but the judge still allowed the case to continue.  I think 0% of it is Apple's fault.  The parents shouldn't give little kids access to their iTunes account that is linked to a credit card to buy games.  It's just crazy!  Also if it isn't the parent's fault then it is the developers.  They are the people that make the games addictive, so why not sue them?

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