April 30, 2012

Anders Breivik is possibly the worst criminal of 2011. In Norway, Breivik set off a car bomb, and went on a shooting rampage on the Island of Utoeya. The car bomb killed 8 people, while Breivik shot and killed 69 people on the island. During the rampage, the Island was the home of many children at a summer camp, Breivik dressed up as a Police Officer and used the confusion to massacre them.
Breivik had his personal reasons to go on the shooting rampage.  He believes, that the immigration of people to Norway is terrible, and that it had to be stopped. The camp at Utoeya its a Labour Party camp, and they are the political party that supports immigration.
Currently Breivik’s trial is starting up. One of the main questions is, whether he is going to be considered sane. If, he is found insane, he will immediately be sent to a Insane Facility. Breivik, insists that he is sane, and that he is not criminally responsible for the killings.
If, Breivik is found sane, he will be facing the longest prison sentence that the Norway Prison System offers, at 21 years in jail. Breivik has called the Norway sentences pathetic, and wants either to be killed or to be acquitted. This sentence is in high contrast to a US sentence, which would either be Death, or multiple life sentences.
The Norwegian people, largely disagree with Breivik. To show that they disagree with him, thousands of people around Norway gathered to sing the song Children of the Rainbow. Breivik disapproves of the song’s maker, so it was a statement by the Norwegian people that they do not believe in Breivik.

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