April 17, 2012

Have you ever read the Cyclone Circular? It’s the parent-run newsletter about things going on around our school;including sporting events, teacher appreciation, PTSA, upcoming plays, and other things. Although the Circular is informative and very helpful, I would like to talk about one major flaw. This is not just about the newsletter, but also about the obvious favortism of the booster club.
Our sports teams have overall done very well this year. The football, field hockey, girls tennis, and ultimate frisbee teams have already won OPAC, and many spring sports have been doing very well also. But some of these very talented teams have not gained the recognition they deserve. At the fall sports banquet Coach Minnick talked about field hockey winning OPAC for maybe 5 minutes, he talked about the football team for 20 minutes. Football and baseball  have gotten new uniforms every year for the last 3 years, while field hockey, boys and girls soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, and ultimate have all had the same uniforms since Smith opened 11 years ago. Some teams did get new uniforms for the first time this year, although many teams are still wearing old ones.
The Smith Baseball team was undefeated until yesterday, when they lost to McDougle 15-1. In the CIrcular there is a 8 paragraph summary or play by play of the last game. The girls soccer team, is still undefeated when they beat McDougle 3-0. There is absolutely nothing about them. NOTHING. It makes sense because the Booster Club President, Vice President, and Treasurer all have sons on the team. The Editor of the Circular had a son on the team last year, and her other son is the manager. I see nothing wrong with congratulating a team who has been doing well, but you must give the recognition to every team who is doing well. The boys lacrosse team has practice every day on their own field, while the girls lacrosse and soccer teams have to share a field. When members of both teams asked about having a schedule so we could all have a full field some days, the request was denied. The reason was to keep boys and girls separated. If that is a big issue, then why do baseball and softball share a field? Why do we have co-ed XC, ultimate, and track teams? Why did boys soccer and field hockey have to share a field? The reasons only match up to be one thing: favoritism.
And for the teams who have worked extremely hard this year, and not received the right amount of recognition, this is for you. Something needs to be done so that the $890 made at the car wash, doesn’t go to just 2 or 3 teams, but ALL 18. Although it may be too late for anything to be done this year, I hope that this is taken into consideration for next year, when some of my current teammates will have to deal with this ongoing and frustrating issue.   



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