April 20, 2012

Anonymous Hacks... Music?

A hacking group known as Anonymous has decided to take on the music industry.  The group is known for crashing many websites and servers and they are even trying to hack China. They plan on fighting the music industry by creating a website known as Anontune, which allows you to listen to practically any song you want.  What the website does is searches the internet for the song that you want and queues it up for you.  Their philosophy is that almost every song you would ever want is on the internet somewhere, legally or not.  However unless you trust hackers, it would not be a good idea to let this code run on your computer.  The idea was thought up by people on an underground hacking forum.  They started talking about their favorite music and how Youtube was becoming a website for listening to music, but the experience is terrible.  The group actually didn't seriously start the hacking until one person created a crude prototype of the website that got other hackers interested. This project could ruin the music industry because who would want to buy songs if you can just listen to them for free on the internet?

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