February 15, 2012

Mexican Traditions

El dia de los muertos: The day of the dead is a holiday  which is celebrated in Mexico when they remember people who have passed away. They honor them by going to the cemetery and praying. In the cemetery they have a party with all kinds of food like tamales, posole, sugar skulls and more. They also play music and celebrate the holiday with all of their friends and relatives.

Quiceanera: This is a special event for girls. When a girl turns fifteen her family hosts a big party with all of their relatives. In preparation for the party,  the girl and her family must prepare a guest list, rent a space for the party and organize suppliess. If the family is  religious there is a special only her. During the party they celebrate by dancing with there chabelanes. Chabelanes are friends or cousins who dance with you. After the dance with your chabelanes is over, you then dance with your parents. Her parents buy her a last doll, which symbolizes that she has grown up. http://www.youtube.com/user/PartyPOPTelevision?v=ZsZWUfaQ5Ug&feature=pyv

Fiestas pastronales: Fiestas pastronales are celebrations that are dedicated to saints and the virgin maria. In the town that I’m from, El Puesto Jalisco we celebrate fiestas pastronales with a fair approximately 2 blocks away of my house. There are singing contests, young people on horses doing tricks, and bull riding.. In my town these celebrations occur between December 23rd and the 29th. On the 28th famous singers sing live. Also on this day the fair is at the low price of only 20 pesos, (about 2 dollars) for each cool ride like the ones that we have at the state fair. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O7q8B4sHwY     

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