February 23, 2012

African Batman meant for US audiences

David Zavimbe a.k.a Batwing is a stereotypical man living in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  His background is what most Americans would think of a child that grew up in Africa.  Both his parents were killed by HIV/AIDS and he was stolen out of an orphanage, with his brother, to be a child solider.  As a child solider both him and his brother were fighting prodigies so they soon became assassins in General Keita’s army.  David eventually escaped the army after his brother was killed by Keita because they failed a mission.  David eventually joined the DRC police force.
Although this comic is based in Africa the target audience is America.  The story structure of a superhero is an American thing so it is odd for the comic to be based in Africa.  Also there are very few Africans who are interested in reading about superheros with advanced technology in a nerdy comic book.

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