January 28, 2012


The Internet is a luxury most people want to enjoy to the full. However an act proposed by the government may prohibit you from doing things that you do every day. The Stop Online Piracy Act would make it illegal to post things on the Internet that have copyrighted material in it. If you are doing a video project and you add music to the background then post the video on youtube, you could be sent to jail for the maximum of 5 years. Now doing your homework could be a crime. Most websites are protesting this act because they would be affected too. If you didn’t remove the video you put on YouTube then the whole website could be shut down. Because of this many websites went down in protest last Wednesday. Websites included Wikipedia, Google, Craigslist and Minecraft. You know it must be important when Minecraft talks about it! You can help stop SOPA by signing this online petition. Please take a few minutes to help save the Internet!

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